Navigation License

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The navigation license allows you to navigate in boats up to 6 meters in length without power limitation for daytime navigations, up to a maximum distance of 2 miles from the coast, as well as nautical motorcycles of type C (up to 55 hp). Formerly known as Titulín, this certification is no longer issued.

What does the Titulín allow?

In the same way as the Navigation License, the Titulín allows daytime navigation, that is, from dawn (sunrise) to sunset (sunset), in boats of up to 6 meters in length, and up to two miles from a port, marina or place of shelter.

How long does the boat license last?

The nautical qualifications have a validity period of 10 years. When the term expires, they can be renewed by submitting a recent medical certificate. In the case of persons over 70 years of age, they must renew their title every 5 years.

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